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September 30th will feature Ida Blue!

...Born and bred deep in Mill Basin, Brooklyn...long and lanky, with gold nameplates and brass knuckles, she proves day-in and day-out that swagger is the name of the game. Ida makes a sweet song sassy, a bitter song rawkus, and a love song raunchy. Her performances are in a class of their own, and Blue is timeless; working as a conduit to give that same quality to the music she shares. Ida Blue is a female-led Bodega Blues group, with its core emanating from the rich and roaring voice of Brooklyn born Ida herself.


These are just some of the people who work hard to make sure that Friday Night Blues NYC thrives.
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Melissa found blues dancing in 2012 and quickly fell in love, becoming more and more active in the community until finally taking over the event from Flouer Evelyn in Fall of 2015.
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Curriculum Coordinator
Laura Chieko, Master of Doodle and Wrangler of Spreadsheets, is responsible for all classes at Friday Night Blues. She likes the color orange and Pimm’s cups.
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DJ Coordinator
John discovered dance during the neo-swing revival of the late 90’s in Chicago and has been hooked ever since. His dancing and teaching are grounded in the blues aesthetic and an appreciation for the physical expression of the emotions of the music.
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Live Music Coordinator
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Volunteer Coordinator
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Community Organizer
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Community Organizer
Shoshi is known for her unique and organic movement quality and natural blues aesthetic. She is continually evolving as a dancer, teacher, and lover of music.
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Ish first discovered partner dancing when a friend tried to hook him up with a swing dancer many years ago. The hook-up failed, but his love of dance took hold, and as a photographer, he’s all about capturing the joy and connection that only dance can bring.
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Lisa Rose

Graphic Design
Lisa is an avid pole artist and competes in regional aerial competitions (and sometimes wins!) She comes from a classical ballet background that grew into an obsession with all things dance. With a strong background in tango, breakdance, and vogue, she’s ready to tackle the blues scene full force.
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Several years ago Flouer fell in love with blues dancing, and ever since she has been fascinated with blues movement, history, and music.


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